25. Februar 2021, 09:00 Uhr

Roadmap towards your PhD: Techniques, tools and troubleshootings (digital seminar)

Acquisition of basic understanding of scientific methodology and research design in their disciplines.

Zeit: 25. Februar 2021, 09:00 Uhr – 26. Februar 2021, 17:00 Uhr
Referent/in: Prof. Tobias Schmohl (Professor für Hochschul- und Fachdidaktik Medien (Technische Hochschule OWL), wissenschaftlicher Leiter des Lernzentrums Lemgo, Postdoc am Hamburger Zentrum für Universitäres Lehren und Lernen).
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This workshop provides an exemplary introduction to the typical requirements and pitfalls of academic writing. It also presents strategies for collaborative authoring and supervising scientific texts. Participants will learn about the ideal typical structure and structuring models and, using concrete examples, they will present, discuss and practice exemplary strategies of scientific text production and text revision.

Students acquire basic understanding of scientific methodology and research design in their disciplines. They know the basic techniques of scientific inquiry and can apply them on their own. Students are familiar with the formal requirements of scientific work. Using their own examples, they discuss the demands placed on scientific research and how they deal with typical methodological and practical problems in their disciplines. The event will provide guidance on the most common difficulties and introduce tools and solutions to support the research process.

Learning results

By visiting this course, you will

  • get to know procedural models of scientific text production as well as legal, ethical and practical approaches and process patterns for scientific work,
  • critically examine your own role as a scientist,
  • develop models for effective planning and structuring of longer Ph.D. project work phases,
  • learn to differentiate between typical structure and structuring patterns of work,
  • be able to recognise scientific misconduct on the basis of scientific ethical values and actively avoid it in your own work,
  • test different models of text-planning, writing and reviewing on the basis of practical exercises,
  • be able to conduct basic strategies of collaborative writing and reviewing.

Dieses Seminar gehört zu den überfachlichen Lehrveranstaltungen zur Vermittlung von fachübergreifenden Schlüsselqualifikationen nach §5 Abs. 4 Nr. 2 PromO 2016.

Für die Teilnahme an diesem Workshop erhalten die Teilnehmer/innen 1 Leistungspunkt.

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