Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart (GRADUS)

gradus_claim_enThe Graduate Academy (GRADUS) of the University of Stuttgart is the service centre for young researchers of    all academic disciplines at the University of Stuttgart. GRADUS aims to offer doctoral researchers, postdocs, and junior professors in addition to their academic training a wide range of qualification, counseling and mentoring programs that are aligned to the specific stages of scientific careers and address the requirements of young researchers especially female scientists. With this program the University of Stuttgart wants to support young researchers on their way to becoming excellent, global- and integrative-thinking, as well as responsible personalities who are well-prepared for high-ranking positions in academia, industry, and society.



GRADUS provides doctoral researchers, postdocs, and junior professors with an extensive training program of key transferable skills and competences required for current and future career stages. The qualification program is adapted to different career paths young academics may choose and takes into account the demands of such different fields of activity as research, academia, science management, industry, the social sector, and entrepreneurship. Find the detailed program here.



The University of Stuttgart is taking steps to support junior researchers with their individual professional orientation and career planning and is therefore about to expand its activities in this area. With workshops defining the professional development prospects, with information events to various career paths and with individual coaching, GRADUS wants to foster the skills and competences of young researchers at an early career stage preparing them for different fields of activity including academia, industry and the public sector. The requirements of the various academic disciplines are thereby also been taken into account.



In order to give guidance to young researchers, the University of Stuttgart has established mentoring programs that meet the varying requirements at different career stages and career paths. In addition, the mentoring programs are promoting networking between disciplines, institutions, organizations, and generations in academia, industry, and the public sector. Find more information here.


Service for faculties and inter-faculty academic institutions

GRADUS provides faculties and inter-faculty institutions of the University of Stuttgart as well as research associations, excellence clusters, collaborative research centers (SFBs), Transregios, and graduate schools with support and counseling considering qualification measures and career promotion especially in application processes. In doing so GRADUS makes an important contribution to attracting highly-qualified young scientists to the University of Stuttgart and promoting and supporting them to achieve their professional goals and gain personal development.