Do you want to get involved in the professional and personal development of young scientists and thus make a valuable contribution to society? Become a mentor now!

Your gain

  • You support talented young scientists in achieving their personal and career-oriented goals and share your expertise and knowledge with them.
  • You fill the honorable role of a mentor you would have liked to have had yourself in the past and support young talents on their career path.
  • You eEstablish valuable contacts with up-and-coming young researchers and expand your network.
  • You reflect on your professional and methodological working methods to advance your own development.
  • You expand perspectives, empathy skills, and listening skills as you help young people develop themselves.
  • You find inspiration through your volunteer involvement in the mentoring program.
  • You get motivated and inspired by working with young people.
  • You gain access to the trends and developments of the next generation in science and research.
  • You deepen your professional competencies in consulting, human resources and leadership skills.
  • You gain valuable insights into current research topics and further develop your soft skills.
  • You network with inspiring mentors from different disciplines and work fields during our networking events.

Your contribution

  • Your contribution as a mentor is to support young scientists and future leaders through the transfer of knowledge and experience.
  • The goal of the mentoring partnership is to promote mutual learning and to offer the mentees valuable support on their career path.
  • Your professional and life experience as a mentor enables mentees to benefit from your expertise, both professionally and personally.
  • The topics of the meetings are determined jointly by you and the mentee and are based on the mentee's individual needs.
  • As a mentor, you will be available to advise a mentee or a group of mentees for approximately 1 hour per month over a specified period of time.
  • The mentee takes on a proactive role and arranges regular meetings in consultation with you to actively shape the mentoring relationship.
  • The duration of the mentoring program depends on the program line and enables individual support and guidance.

Your background

  • You preferably bring several years of management experience in a company or scientific institution. There are no restrictions regarding professional groups.
  • You are willing and able to communicate regularly with your mentee(s).
  • You set realistic expectations and goals together with your mentee.
  • You have the ability to listen to your mentee and provide constructive feedback to help him/her advance personally and professionally.
  • You are willing to share professional experience, expertise and contacts with your mentee.

We welcome mentors of all genders and ages, regardless of your professional background or work field!


Here you can register as a mentor and become part of our inspiring network. Please fill out the profile form and send it back to us. The information you provide will help us find a suitable mentee for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at 



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Ekaterina Deckers


Coordinator Mentoring Programs

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