Mentoring Programs

for Doctoral Researchers, Postdocs, Junior Professors and Tenure-Track Professors.

Open Office Hour for Mentees | NEW                                                                   Are you interested in our mentoring programs? Do you have current questions or issues regarding your own mentoring relationship, or would like to give us feedback? 
Open office hours for current and prospective mentees are held virtually via Webex with the Mentoring Program Coordinator every three months on the first Tuesday of each quarter from 3 to 4 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Open Office Hour for Mentees is on summer break and will be continued in fall. The next date will be published here.       

Mentoring is an effective and proven tool for career advancement and, in addition to qualification measures, an integral part of sustainable personnel development. It is a success-oriented instrument of personnel development for the individual promotion of young talent. It offers qualified and motivated junior staff guidance and support in their professional and personal development. In order to support you on your personalized career path, the Graduate Academy GRADUS offers various mentoring programs that are adapted to your needs, respective of your current career stage and orientation. The mentoring programs also provide you the opportunity to expand your networks interdisciplinary, intergenerationally and interinstitutionally within science, industry, and society.

As part of the mentoring community, you benefit from a number of advantages:
  • We put you in touch with mentors who are suitable both professionally and personally.
  • You will receive ongoing support from the mentoring program staff.
  • You will have access to a network of peers and supporters
  • You have the opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled networking events.

The mentoring programs of the GRADUS are open to all young scientists at the University of Stuttgart based on their respective career stage.

The mentoring programs are targeted for the following groups:

ExploreScience is a mentoring program for doctoral researchers from all disciplines of the University of Stuttgart. Within this program, two new formats were launched recently: Group Mentoring and Peer Mentoring

The next Peer Mentoring will be offered in English and will start with an Information Session on November 7, 2022.

The next Group Mentoring will be announced soon.

AdvanceScience is a mentoring program for postdocs  - with or without habilitation project  - and junior research group leaders from all disciplines of the University of Stuttgart. The program has a 2-year commitment and offers a one-on-one mentorship with an experienced mentor. Additionally, you benefit from the opportunity to connect with other mentees in the program and to participate in various networking events. 

The call for applications in the AdvanceScience Program 2022 is closed. The next call will be published in spring 2023.

LiveScience is a mentoring program for junior professors and tenure-track professors from all disciplines of the University of Stuttgart. The mentoring starts individually on demand and has a 2-year commitment. You benefit from a one-on-one mentorship with one or two experienced mentor/s. Additionally, you have the opportunity to connect with other mentees in the program and to participate in various networking events.

A participation is possible at any time.

With the mentoring programs, we want to support the mentees in recognizing their opportunities and potentials, thus shaping their own personal and professional development.

We provide for fruitful exchanges with experienced professionals, successful mentors from the fields of science, business, start-ups, politics, culture, and administration as well as with likeminded colleagues from other research areas of the University of Stuttgart.

Mentees in all programs are also able to benefit from the target-group-oriented qualification programs offered by GRADUS in order to expand their skills in the areas of academic, management and career competence.

We organize interdisciplinary networking get-togethers to promote dialogue between mentees, mentors and external professionals though the GRADUS-Lounge.

As a mentor, you provide advice and support to a mentee over a set period time (depending on the specified program). In the mentoring relationship, the mentee takes on a proactive role and arranges regular meetings in consultation with you. These meetings can take place in person, virtually or by telephone. The topics of the individual meetings are determined jointly by you and the mentee and are based on the mentee's needs.

You can find more information about the role as a mentor here.

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