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The University of Stuttgart offers you ideal conditions for cutting-edge research, along with an excellent environment for a career in science, in industry, or in society.

On different stages of your scientific career you complete different phases of qualification that prepare you for becoming a professor or for holding a position of responsibility in industry or society.

We would like to create transparent and optimum conditions for your scientific profile and your personal development by continuously developing the career system and the various support and counseling programs.

General questions
If you are wondering why you should do your doctoral degree studies at the University of Stuttgart – here are ten reasons we have compiled for you. Under five steps to a doctorate you will find detailed information on how to proceed if you would like to do your doctoral degree studies with us.

Doctoral students from abroad
Foreign doctoral students and foreign students interested in doctoral degree studies will receive further information from Katja Jenkner at the International Center.

Funding opportunities
Most doctoral students at the University of Stuttgart are employees of the university either as individual doctoral students or as doctoral students in structured programs such as graduate schools, research training groups, cooperative doctoral colleges or other institutions, for example Max Planck Research Schools. An overview of vacancies can be found at the Stellenwerk. The University of Stuttgart does not currently award scholarships, but there are a number of research funding institutions where you can apply for a scholarship.

Other support
Doctoral students with children or dependent relatives can find information about topics such as maternity protection, parental leave, care leave, child care, as well as infrastructure and exchange of experiences at the Uni & Familie service center in the Equal Opportunity Office.

Individual counseling service
The Graduate Academy will offer you individual counseling, if:

  • you are not sure whether doctoral degree studies are for you (Dr. Miriam Kanne)
  • you have general questions about the doctorate, to which you have not found an answer on these information pages (Dr. Miriam Kanne)
  • you have questions concerning the qualification program (Tatsiana Radziyeuskaya)
  • you have questions relating to application, registration and enrollment (Simone Hawlitschek)
  • you get stuck with the organization of your work and a coaching might be helpful for you (Barbara Teutsch)
  • there are problems and conflicts in the supervision relationship (Dr. Jürgen Hädrich)

Please do not hesitate to contact us via E-Mail or get in touch directly with the indicated contact person.

For postdocs, the question of career path is of central importance: Should it be a career at the university or outside the university? Regarding career paths at the university, we have compiled an overview of the various options. In addition, we offer career orientation events and, when needed, individual counseling on career strategies, where we cooperate with external consultants. If you are interested, please get in touch with Dr. Jürgen Hädrich.

Funding opportunities
There are various funding programs at national as well as international level and at university level that will support you in this phase of your career. We offer an counseling service in cooperation with the Department of Research at Division I. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Jürgen Hädrich.

The University of Stuttgart has developed a comprehensive program for junior professors and tenure-track professors, so they will be optimally prepared for the professorship and can integrate into our university in the best possible way. The program includes several qualification modules as well as participation in a mentoring program. In addition, there is the possibility of individual coaching, especially in connection with the appointment as professor. Here we work together with external consultants. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Jürgen Hädrich.


Jürgen Hädrich

Jürgen Hädrich

Managing Director

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