Mentoring program for postdoctoral researchers and junior research group leaders.

The current call for applications for the AdvanceScience Mentoring Program is open. We are pleased to annoounce that we will be offering two mentoring rounds this year. 
The application deadline for the second round is September, 30, 2023.


As a Postdoctoral Researcher, with or without a habilitation project, or a junior research group leadership, you make important contributions in research for the advancement of science and solutions for current and future challenges in business and society. Due to your role and responsibilities that come with your position of leadership, the University of Stuttgart would like to support you in your career phase with the Mentoring Program AdvanceScience.

To take part in the AdvanceScience Mentoring Program, we ask the participants to pay a one-time participation fee of 75,00 Euro. This fee helps us to offer catering at the networking activities within our mentoring programs.


AdvanceScience is a two-year mentoring program in a 1-on-1 format for postdocs, habilitation candidates, and junior research group leaders. It usually starts annually in spring. In 1-on-1 mentoring, a mentee is brought together with an experienced mentor from the areas of academia, business, or society for a hierarchy-free, regular exchange. Mentee and mentor define bilaterally how to work together during the mentoring. The program is planned to start annually in the future.

  • Awareness of their own strengths and impact.
  • Gaining clarity about their own career path.
  • Access to relevant networks.
  • Support in career-relevant decision-making processes.
  • Inspiration for the implementation of their own goals.
  • Insights into work structures and processes.
  • Participation in networking activities of the Graduate Academy.
  • Support from the mentoring team during the whole mentoring program.
  • Certificate after successful participation (kick-off, reflection and closing event).

Step 1: In the application, including a personal interview with the Graduate Academy, the mentee indicates preferences regarding the mentor and his/her working background: 1) Academia, 2) Business or 3) Society.

Step 2: According to these preferences, a suitable mentor is searched and mentee and mentor are brought into contact by GRADUS.

Step 3: After successful matching, the mentee takes the initiative. At the beginning of mentoring, mentee and mentor jointly define the conditions for their mentoring (how to meet, frequency of meetings, topics, etc.). In the mentoring, the mentee is the driving force.

The program lasts two years. It starts with a Kick-off and ends with a Closing Event. A reflection meeting takes place after one year.

Note: For those who are uncertain about which career to pursue or about the mentor’s working background, our decision workshop "Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft - welcher Karriereweg ist der richtige für mich? (25 September, 2023, 9:30 am-03:00 pm, in German, for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, registration closed) can help to get a clearer idea.

Advance Science round 2023/1

Kick-Off event  06.07.2023
Reflection meeting – virtually or face-to-face 2024, tbc
Closing event – virtually or face-to-face 2025, tbc

AdvanceScience round 2023/2

Call for applications

August 2023
Optional: Decision workshop for postdoctoral researchers (in German language) – virtually

September 25, 2023, 9.30 am - 3.00 pm 


Deadline for applications

September 30, 2023

Personal Interviews – virtually

October 23  - 26, 2023, individual dates tbc

Kick-Off event – virtually or face-to-face

2024, tbc
Reflection meeting – virtually or face-to-face

2024, tbc

Closing event – virtually or face-to-face

2025, tbc

The mentee should be willing to proactively establish and maintain a mentoring relationship. Participation in the kick-off and closing event, as well as the reflection meeting is mandatory.

The group size is limited to 20 participants, therefore individual interviews with each mentee are conducted. The University of Stuttgart would like to significantly increase the proportion of women in all status groups, which is why half of the places are reserved for women.

A general willingness to act as a mentor in the future is required.

Interested candidates apply with 1) the completed profile form and 2) CV by email


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Ekaterina Deckers


Coordinator Mentoring Programs

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