Qualification program

The Graduate Academy offers a comprehensive qualification program preparing you for your next career step in the best possible way.

The qualification program offered by the Graduate Academy teaches three types of competencies:

  • academic Skills
  • management Skills
  • career Skills

Furthermore, the qualification program is also tailored to different career levels with their different needs.

The Graduate Academy provides its program partly in cooperation with other institutions and departments of the University of Stuttgart.

The offer by the Graduate Academy is open to all doctoral researchers. According to the doctoral degree regulations from 2019, as a doctoral researcher you must earn nine credit points during your doctoral degree studies. You can earn part of these credit points by participating in interdisciplinary qualification measures such as those offered by GRADUS. You will receive one credit point for a two-day course, 0.5 credit points for a one-day course. For each course, you will receive a detailed certificate of attendance. When you have earned three credit points with GRADUS courses, you will receive a certificate that will be enclosed with your doctorate and certify that, in addition to your professional qualification, you have also participated in interdisciplinary qualification measures, thus qualifying you better for your future field of activity. If you do your doctorate in accordance with the doctoral degree regulations from 2016, you must earn three credit points by attending three GRADUS courses, as well as two courses on topics such as technology assessment or science ethics.

All offers for doctoral researchers

The postdoctoral phase is a time when the need for orientation is particularly high, because here the decision is made for a career in science, in related fields or outside science. We currently offer the following courses especially to support you in decision-making, but also for you to upgrade your skills for a career in science as well as in business. Your course attendance will be certified.


Qualification program for PostDocs

As a junior professor, you have your sights firmly set on the professorship. Along your way, you have already acquired a variety of competencies. Now it's all about fine-tuning — and increasing your chances of becoming a professor. For this purpose, GRADUS offers you the following courses. Your course attendance will be certified.


Qualification program for junior professors

Research training groups, collaborative research centers, Clusters of Excellence

As an umbrella institution of the University of Stuttgart for interdisciplinary qualification, the Graduate Academy offers tailored programs for research training groups, collaborative research centers and Clusters of Excellence. Please get in touch with us for more information.

If you have suggestions for seminars, send us an email. We will be happy to check whether your idea can be realized.


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Qualification management

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