Mentoring program for junior professors and tenure-track professors

The promotion of junior and tenure-track professors is a particular goal of the University of Stuttgart. For this purpose, the university has adopted quality assurance concepts that include participation in the mentoring program.

The two-year LiveScience mentoring program begins in the fall of each year. During their first year at the University of Stuttgart, all new junior and tenure-track professors receive a personal invitation to the mentoring program.

The aim of the LiveScience mentoring program is to bring together junior and tenure-track professors with experienced colleagues at the University of Stuttgart. This is because it is important that the great wealth of informal knowledge is passed on to you, thus promoting a culture of openness, cooperation, mutual support, and ultimately shared responsibility for the further development of our university.

The mentoring program LiveScience offers you as a mentee several advantages:

  • You will get to know your academic environment faster and more thoroughly.
  • You will be able to foster your networking within and beyond the University.
  • You will gain a better understanding of the goals and interrelationships of our University and the cooperation between its various faculties, academic institutions and administrative areas.
  • You will reflect on your new role as a Junior/Tenure-Track Professor.
  • You will be able to expand your problem-solving strategies with concrete examples from your everyday work life.
  • You will become aware of your strengths and your own impact.
  • You will gain clarity about your own career path.

The cohort for LiveScience 2020 began in November 2020 and is now closed. The next cohort will be invited to participate in Fall 2021.

This image shows Laura Busch

Laura Busch


Mentoring Programs Coordinator

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