The Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart (GRADUS)

The Graduate Academy of the University of Stuttgart (GRADUS) is the central institution at the University of Stuttgart for the promotion of early career researchers and offers a wide range of qualifications, information, counseling and mentoring services.

Please Be Advised: Until further notice, the House of Students is closed. If you have any questions regarding the application process or enrollment, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or at +49 711 685-65171. If you would like to submit application documents, this is temporarily also possible by e-mail (please note that the original application documents must be submitted in paper form by post as soon as the situation allows).
We ask for your understanding that the processes take longer time given the current situation. If you need to meet deadlines, please contact us in advance. Please stay healthy! For more information on protective measures against coronavirus, please visit the University's Homepage, which is constantly updated. Thank You!

The offers from GRADUS are addressing all young scientists at the University of Stuttgart and are oriented towards each stage in their respective careers.

Whether you are a doctoral researcher, a postdoc, writing your habilitation, a junior professor or a tenure-track professor at the University of Stuttgart, or whether you are on track towards a management role in an extra-university research institution, in industry or in a social institution – whichever path you are on, the Graduate Academy supports you at the various stages of your career with a variety of offers. This is because our goal is for you to develop into a globally-thinking and inclusive person with the best possible preparation for high-level positions in science, business and society.

Promoting early career researchers is something very close to our heart. A qualification at the University of Stuttgart should give you the best possible preparation for a successful start to your career.

Prof. Monilola Olayioye, Vice Rector for Early Career Researchers and Diversity

Offers from the Graduate Academy

In addition to the subject expertise which you are developing or already have, the Graduate Academy offers a qualification program, with which you can also expand your interdisciplinary skills in order to give yourself the best possible preparation for the next stage in your career, whether it is in business, industry, or in society. Likewise, the program also varies depending on the target group. The events put on by the Graduate Academy are open to all junior researchers and free of charge. The Graduate Academy provides tailored programs for Research Training Groups, CRCs and Clusters of Excellence.

The Graduate Academy provides you with a wide range of information on doctoral degree studies, careers in science, funding opportunities during and after your doctoral degree studies, and combining family and career, and offers you counseling regarding doctoral degree studies or career-related questions.

In addition to the qualification program, the Graduate Academy also offers a gender and diversity-sensitive mentoring program in collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Officer. Here you have the opportunity to establish and build networks in business, industry and society across disciplines, generations and institutions.

On April 1, 2019, the Graduate Academy took over responsibility for the management of doctoral researchers from the Examination Office. More detailed information on registration and admissions, as well as on how you can get in touch if you have any questions can be found on the website for doctoral degree studies.

Together with the National Research Funding and the Project Office of the Research Department of the Research and Communications Division, as well as the Gender Consulting Service at the Equal Opportunities Office, the Graduate Academy provides application initiatives for joint research projects with conceptual advice from the perspective of promoting early career researchers.


This image shows Jürgen Hädrich

Jürgen Hädrich

Managing Director

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