2. März 2020

Successful leadership for junior research group leaders

Putting together a team while working on your own qualification … both at the same time!

2. – 3. März 2020
Prof. Dr. Uta Bronner (She is teaching at the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart in the major of business psychology ‚Human Ressource Management‘. She worked for ten years at Robert Bosch GmbH in various management and expert positions in the field of personell management. She completed several coaching and counselling trainings and has worked for over 15 years as a docent and coach with scientists).

A position as a junior research group leader requires you to advance your career in a way which focuses on results. Leadership skills can make it easier to allocate staff resources in a targeted manner. The workshop looks at how to structure your own area of leadership, establish your own group while giving it a direction, and how to use leadership tools. There will also be time to discuss specific leadership questions and situations where conflict might arise.


  • Thinking about my own leadership style
  • Managing expectations: Responsibilities, expectations and interests from your team and your environment 
  • Development of your own leadership concept 
  • Basics of managing your team effective 
  • Picking employees – the base of good leadership 
  • Communication in times of conflict 
  • Management models
Promovierende, Postdocs, Juniorprofessorinnen und Juniorprofessoren der Universität Stuttgart
Universität Stuttgart
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